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Jaw & Facial Pain

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What might cause jaw & facial pain?

There are many contributing factors that play a part in jaw and facial pain. Has there been trauma to the area? Is arthritis a factor? Disc displacement issues? Or is the pain due to tension of the muscles?

As an orofacial myologist, there are tests we can perform to determine some of the causation factors and whether or not we can help. It is not in our scope of practice to diagnose disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). We typically can not alleviate symptoms related to trauma, arthritis, or TMJ disc displacement.


Fortunately, I am usually able to help with pain due to tension of the muscles.

This pain is often the result of:


- over-active muscles

- muscle weakness - difficulty performing their functional tasks and causes them to strain easily

- a dysfunctional swallow/chewing pattern

- a dysfunctional breathing pattern

- nonfunctional habits, such as grinding or clenching

- tethered oral tissues (commonly known as "tongue or lip-tie"), leading to compensation issues

A thorough assessment is recommended with an orofacial myofunctional therapist to determine the causation factors of your pain and whether this type of therapy can help. Appropriate referrals will be provided, if necessary. 

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